Efficient Android Threading: Asynchronous Processing Techniques for Android Applications

By Anders Goransson

Multithreading is key in an effort to create an Android app with an outstanding person event, yet how have you learnt which strategies might help remedy your challenge? This functional e-book describes many asynchronous mechanisms to be had within the Android Sdk, and gives directions for choosing those perfect for the app you’re building.

writer Anders Goransson demonstrates the benefits and drawbacks of every method, with pattern code and distinct causes for utilizing it successfully. the 1st a part of the ebook describes the development blocks of asynchronous processing, and the second one half covers Android libraries and constructs for constructing speedy, responsive, and well-structured apps.

  • Understand multithreading fundamentals in Java and at the Android platform
  • Learn how threads converse inside of and among processes
  • Use recommendations to minimize the danger of reminiscence leaks
  • Manage the lifecycle of a simple thread
  • Run initiatives sequentially within the historical past with HandlerThread
  • Use Java’s Executor Framework to manage or cancel threads
  • Handle history activity execution with AsyncTask and IntentService
  • Access content material services with AsyncQueryHandler
  • Use loaders to replace the Ui with new data

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Job administration | 151 DiscardOldestPolicy eliminates the oldest job within the queue and inserts the rejected activity back. accordingly, the duty first within the queue is got rid of, and the extra job is positioned final within the queue. DiscardPolicy Silently ignores the rejection of the duty. ExecutorCompletionService A thread pool manages a job queue and the employee threads, yet doesn't deal with the result of the completed activity. that's performed via the ExecutorCompletionService. It holds a of entirety queue (based on a BlockingQueue) of comprehensive projects, as proven in determine 9-3. while a role finishes, a destiny item is positioned within the queue, that's to be had to buyer threads to allow them to strategy the consequences within the order that the projects have complete. determine 9-3. ExecutorCompletionService showing a number of downloaded photos in an job is a standard use case. The UI is populated asynchronously, and a downloaded photo might be displayed once it's to be had, independently of the opposite photograph downloads. it is a activity that matches good with an ExecutorCompletionService, simply because downladed photos will be installed the finishing touch queue and processed once they're on hand. the next instance illustrates using an ExecutorCompletionService to reveal downloaded photos in an task. the picture obtain is completed with a dynamic sized thread pool of employee threads, while the job is created. The downloaded photos are held within the of entirety queue and processed by means of a client thread: public category ECSImageDownloaderActivity extends job { inner most LinearLayout layoutImages; inner most classification ImageDownloadTask implements Callable { @Override public Bitmap call() throws Exception { go back downloadRemoteImage(); } deepest Bitmap downloadRemoteImage() { /* Do picture obtain */ 152 | bankruptcy nine: keep an eye on over Thread Execution throughout the Executor Framework } } inner most classification DownloadCompletionService extends ExecutorCompletionService { deepest ExecutorService mExecutor; public DownloadCompletionService(ExecutorService executor) { super(executor); mExecutor = executor; } public void shutdown() { mExecutor. shutdown(); } public boolean isTerminated() { go back mExecutor. isTerminated(); } } inner most category ConsumerThread extends Thread { deepest DownloadCompletionService mEcs; inner most ConsumerThread(DownloadCompletionService ecs) { this. mEcs = ecs; } @Override public void run() { tremendous. run(); attempt { while(! mEcs. isTerminated()) { Future destiny = mEcs. poll(1, TimeUnit. SECONDS); if (future ! = null) { addImage(future. get()); } } } capture (InterruptedException e) { e. printStackTrace(); } capture (ExecutionException e) { e. printStackTrace(); } } } public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { DownloadCompletionService ecs = new DownloadCompletionService(Executors. newCachedThreadPool()); new ConsumerThread(ecs). start(); ExecutorCompletionService | 153 for (int i = zero; i < five; i++) { ecs. submit(new ImageDownloadTask()); } ecs. shutdown(); } inner most void addImage(final Bitmap snapshot) { runOnUiThread(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { ImageView iv = new ImageView(ECSImageDownloaderActivity.

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