Painting in Wall Design

By Darren Du, Katy Lee

Within the e-book, tens of popular illustrators, inside designers and photograph designers from diverse nations contributed with their wall portray works. The booklet is split into six elements in accordance with assorted contexts: Wall portray in houses, resorts, places of work, shops, Hospitals & Clinics, and in other places.

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2009年 项目描述:柯吉柯是一家将原料产品提供给咖啡烘焙 厂的中介公司。 63 Painting in Wall layout sixty four Espacio C Mixcoac C区室内 dressmaker: ROW Studio undertaking description: those areas are surrounded via a Photographer: Juan Marcos Castañeda/ wall that acts as a valid and visible barrier that isolates ROW Studio the educational facility from the town and the remainder of the positioning: Mexico urban, Mexico parts of the plant. The wall used to be idea as a continuing accomplished date: 2009 floor on its outer part that folds to the ground and ceiling. The partitions and ceiling have a Coca Cola pink epoxy paint coating and the ground is completed with a excessive resistance acrylic end. 项目名称:C区室内 设计师:ROW工作室 摄影师:胡安·马科斯·卡斯塔涅达 项目地点:墨西哥 墨西哥城 完成时间:2009年 项目描述:这些空间由一面墙环绕着,墙既能隔声又能阻 断视线,把这个培训空间跟城市和工厂里的其他区域隔离 开来。这面墙在外部有着连续的表面,折向地面和天花 板。墙和天花板都是可口可乐的红色环氧树脂涂层表面, 而地面则采用了高阻的高丙烯酸处理。 65 Painting in Wall layout sixty six 67 Painting in Wall layout sixty eight ISW Hoogeland ISW胡格兰德 clothier: RAU Photographer: Ben Vulkers position: The Netherlands accomplished date: 2009 venture description: The building’s designated Z-shaped flooring plan is split into 3 major parts but in addition has different specialized parts. each one major region has examine centres, one with and the opposite with no IT amenities. The centrally situated 7th zone, meant to inspire creativity, is supplied as an paintings sector. 项目名称:ISW胡格兰德 设计师:RAU工作室 摄影师:本·沃克斯 项目地点:荷兰 完成时间:2009年 项目描述:这座建筑独特的Z形平面布局主要分为三个区 域,但也有其他的特别区。每个主要区域有两个学习中 心,一个有信息技术设备,另一个没有。位于正中央的第 7区,设计成一种艺术氛围,意在鼓励创新。 69 Painting in Wall layout 70 71 Painting in Wall layout seventy two 73 "krassky"othce position 克莱斯基办公室 fashion designer: Andris Vitolins Photographer: ZNAK place: Riga, Latvia accomplished date: 2009 venture description: Andris Vitolins' portray at the wall of Krassky place of work. 项目名称:克莱斯基办公室 设计师:安德利斯·维多林斯 摄影师:ZNAK公司 项目地点:拉脱维亚 里拉 完成时间:2009年 项目描述:这是安德利斯·维多林斯在克莱斯基办公 室创作的墙画作品。 Painting in Wall layout seventy four Gloden Age 黄金时代 clothier : Przemek Sobocki position: Tokyo, Japan accomplished date: October 2007 undertaking description: it really is Przemek Sobocki's moment paintings for Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein of KDa; this time it was once mural for his or her architectural workplace; 6m lengthy and 1,80m excessive; his first this type of great dimension on the time; drawn at once on ready for it and glued at the wall panels; combined approach: markers, pencils and pens. The artwork is composed many angles of standpoint to to boost the point of view of the entire wall; it used to be a particularly low ceiling. 项目名称:黄金时代 设计师:佩泽梅克·索博茨基 项目地点:日本 东京 完成时间:2007年 项目描述:这是设计师索博茨基第二次为马克·戴瑟姆和 阿斯特丽德·克莱恩设计的作品。此次是为他们的建筑事 务所办公室设计壁画。壁画长6米,高1. 8米,是设计师当 时首次尝试如此大型的墙画设计。先直接画在专门准备好 的板材上,再固定在墙上。采用了混合技法,包括彩笔、 铅笔和钢笔。这件艺术品包含很多欣赏视角,能够提升整 面墙的全景——天花板非常低。 75 Painting in Wall layout seventy six L’escalier de l’ange 天使之梯 fashion designer : Pascal Melloul & Carole Carecchio/Le Pré d’eau Photographer : Le Pré d’eau position : Rouen, France accomplished date : 2009 venture description: That décor is on the front of a photograph layout supplier and goals at improving the architectural house of the staircase.

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