The Arts of India: From Prehistoric to Modern Times

This revised and enlarged variation of The Arts of India has over one hundred fifty amazing gravure and full-color illustrations. those contain numerous vital gadgets and monuments no longer often noticeable as a rule surveys to complement the numerous crucial paintings milestones that this booklet positive aspects. it's also certain in starting its visible survey with relics of India's stone age and in concluding the e-book with works from the nation's nice people culture and chosen work by way of smooth artists.

Here is a publication with captions and a textual content which are hugely readable blends of scholarly details and casual remark by means of an Indian artwork specialist. This can provide the reader designated insights into the strategies that lie in the back of artwork so assorted from that of the West.

Author Mookerjee has judiciously chosen photos which current the immense landscape of Indian paintings from its earliest beginnings. Examples of Indian folks arts and a few works by way of 20th-century Indian artists around out this wealthy ancient survey of over 5,000 years of constant creativity—a number of work, reliefs, statues, and architectural monuments from this sprawling sub-continent now divided into the lands of India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma and Afghanistan.

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Terracotta collectible figurines forty four 10. Dancing lady forty five eleven. Bull seal impact forty six 12. Yogi seal effect forty six thirteen. Painted Pottery forty seven 14. Nude on gold plaque forty seven 15. Lion capital forty eight sixteen. Bull capital forty nine 17. Yakshi from Didarganj 50 18. "Weeping girl" fifty one 19. Sandstone head fifty one 20. Yakshi (Chulakoka Devata) fifty two 21. Yakshi (Chandra) fifty three 22. Yaksha (Kuvera) fifty four 23. Maya's Dream medallion fifty five 24. "Worship of the Bodhi Tree" medallion fifty five 25. Sanchi, north gate fifty six 26. Sanchi, east gate fifty seven 27. Chaitya verandah fifty eight 28. Donor couple fifty nine 29. Cave I at Guntapalle 60 30. common view of caves 60 31. inside of Gave I sixty one 32. Yakshi from Bharhut sixty two 33. "Goose lady" carving sixty two 34. Statue of the Buddha sixty three 35. Gandhara head sixty four 36. Head of the Buddha sixty four 37. Seated Buddha sixty five 38. "Sujata and the Naga" sixty six 39. "Buddha and the needs to Elephant" sixty seven forty. status Buddha sixty eight forty-one. Seated Buddha sixty nine forty two. "Indra and celestials" 70 *43. Mural, Male determine seventy one *44. Mural, "Avalokitesvara" seventy two *45. Mural, chauribearer seventy three *46. Mural, struggling with Bulls seventy four forty seven. Ajanta caves seventy five forty eight. element of Temptation Panel seventy five forty nine. Head of Dwarpala seventy six 50. "Lady with Lotus" seventy seven fifty one. Head of Parvati seventy eight fifty two. "Boar Avitar of Vishnu" seventy nine fifty three. Columns at Elura eighty fifty four. "Embracing Couple" reduction eighty one fifty five. Dancing woman determine eighty two fifty six. "Siva as Natarja" eighty three fifty seven. Visvakarman Cave facade eighty four fifty eight. Descent of the Ganges, eighty five 59-60. information of the above 86 sixty one. aspect of the above 87 sixty two. Fragment of woman determine 89 sixty three. "Woman with Parrot" 89 sixty four. "Three-headed Mahesa" ninety sixty five. aspect of the above ninety one sixty six. woman determine ninety two sixty seven. Statue of Gommatesvara ninety three sixty eight. Torna (gate) ninety four sixty nine. "Gabaksha" reduction ninety five 70. Suddhana frieze ninety six seventy one. Sujata's providing frieze ninety six seventy two. Mural Water Nymph ninety seven seventy three. Bodhisattva from Nara ninety seven seventy four. Lingaraja Temple 98-99 seventy five. Statue of lady writing a hundred seventy six. Statue of Salbhanjika one hundred and one seventy seven. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple element 102 seventy eight. aspect of the above 103 seventy nine. girl area of interest statue 104 *80. total view of plate seventy seven one hundred and five *81. Nayika reduction determine 106 *82. Nayika statue 107 *83. girl cymbal participant 108 eighty four. Statues of Vrishabhavahana-murti and Devi 109 eighty five. Statuette of Siva a hundred and ten 86. Lion Bracket 111 87. "Mithuna" 112 88. "Mithuna" 113 89-90. SuryaDeul Temple 114 ninety one. element of the above one hundred fifteen ninety two. Mithuna [detail] 116 ninety three. Surya, God of the solar 117 ninety four. Elephant and warrior 118 ninety five. lady cymbal participant 119 ninety six. Fragment of woman torso one hundred twenty ninety seven. Statue of Ardhanarisvara 121 ninety eight. Statue of Ganga 121 ninety nine. Engraving of Vishnu 122 a hundred. Mural, Jataka scene 122 one zero one. aid at Mt. Abu 123 102. Frieze at Mt. Abu 124 103. Ceiling at Mt. Abu a hundred twenty five 104. girl bracket determine 126 one hundred and five. Madanika, bracket determine 127 106-107. Jain Tirthankaras 128 108. Gwalior castle, 129 109. Jain manuscript portray one hundred thirty a hundred and ten. "The Heroine loved through Her Maid" a hundred thirty 111. Statue of Parvati 131 112. Statue of Sita 131 113. Panch Mahal 132 *114. Akbar's Tomb, south gate 133 *115. element of the above 134 *116. Akbar's Tomb one hundred thirty five *117. Itmad-ud-daula's Tomb one hundred thirty five *118-119. Taj Mahal 136 a hundred and twenty. monitor within the Taj Mahal 137 121. Shrine at Tiruvannamalaji 138 122.

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