The Illusion (Animorphs #33)

The Yeerks own a weapon that may be the most important probability to the Animorphs but. The anti-morphing ray transforms someone in a morph again to typical shape. until they locate and smash the top-secret ray, the Animorphs should be reveal for strong.

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Come on, i have consistently desired to consult an Andalite. alternate a bit banter with the high-and-mighty self-appointed lords of the galaxy. Do you think that via staying silent i will in some way be confident you are an exact poultry? " She laughed. "No, no, buddy Andalite. we have seen the red-tailed hawk ahead of, have not we? I acknowledged, have not we, Chapman? " "Yes, Sub-visser! " "Oh, solid, it does speak," Taylor acknowledged and clapped her arms. I knew I needed to "demorph" to Andalite. Act my half. Make this ruse whole. there has been no logical reason behind me to stick in morph. I concentrated my brain on a happier time, simply hours past. I pictured Ax. I turned Ax. This time the tail got here first. I felt it push out of my feathers and start to develop, thick and extensive, into its typical arc. Felt the blade rising on the finish. How i have to have regarded! A blue-tailed hawk. the closest Hork-Bajir begun, able to seize me the place I lay. Taylor motioned them to carry. And leveled her man made arm. immediately at me. From the palm of her hand got here a hissing noise, louder and louder, till . . . Shooopooof! From her hand exploded a sprig of white, blinding particulates. I cried. Stinging ache that looked as if it would coat my physique. Rachel felt it too. Chapman and the Hork-Bajir attempted to again away. Too overdue. The Hork-Bajir clawed at their very own eyes. Chapman writhed, as though he was once crawling with ants. "What the -" he yelled, then fell silent. Taylor smirked, unaffected. Then, slowly, the discomfort handed and that i felt . . . not anything. No feeling in any respect! My brain raced, yet my physique would not reply. I fell again to the ground with a thud. not able to maneuver. Frozen in mid-morph. Paralyzed! Rachel cried. They have been falling to the floor like massive dominoes. Thud. Thumpf. Taylor's lips shaped a wide, sinister grin. "Surprise! " She laughed to herself, status tall. Unfazed through the fuel. "So sorry for you all. seems like i am the single person who remembered to take the antidote upfront. Oh, wait. Did I omit to inform you all? " Her laughter stopped by surprise. "Gather up those fools," she ordered, motioning to the rest Hork-Bajir. Then she walked over to the place I lay and smiled back, eyes aglow with self-satisfaction. and she or he known as out, loudly sufficient so her henchmen may possibly listen: "And decide up the Andalite grime, too. we've a unique position all picked out for him. " robust palms hoisted me off the ground by way of my Andalite tail. i used to be powerless to withstand. or perhaps flow a muscle. Rachel screamed with frustration. I felt a stab of chilly terror. No. No, if Rachel and that i have been separated . . . not anyone to convey be aware of the Anti-Morphing Ray's situation to Jake. nobody to deliver rescue. And Rachel? Left right here, unseen, a fly? Paralyzed in morph? My God, she may possibly by no means . . .

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