The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body

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Appealing, interesting, and academic: the visible Dictionary of the Human physique is an vital kinfolk reference, and a useful gizmo to obtain vocabulary and observe the complexity of the human body.

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Ninety six sigmoid colon colon M sigmoide Terminal phase of the colon, wearing waste topic towards the rectum. pancreas páncreas M Elongated gland taking part in a major function in digestion (secretion of pancreatic juices) and in command of blood sugar (secretion of insulin). DIGESTIVE method tail of pancreas cola F del páncreas M Left extremity of the pancreas. gallbladder vesícula F biliar Small organ positioned underneath the liver, helping shop and excrete bile. head of pancreas cabeza F del páncreas M a part of the pancreas lodged opposed to the duodenum. duodenum duodeno M preliminary phase of the small gut, connecting with the tummy and receiving secretions from the liver and pancreas. acinus acino M Cluster of cells secreting pancreatic juice that performs an important function within the chemical breakdown of meals. component of pancreatic duct sección F del conducto M pancreático bile duct conducto M colédoco Canal helping hold bile to the duodenum. accent pancreatic duct conducto M pancreático accesorio department of the pancreatic duct discharging into the duodenum upstream from the hepatopancreatic ampulla. excretory duct canal M excretor Canal gathering pancreatic juice and sporting it to the pancreatic duct. pancreatic duct conducto M pancreático Canal amassing pancreatic juice produced through the pancreas and emptying it into the hepatopancreatic ampulla. sphincter of Oddi esfínter M de Oddi Ring-like muscle surrounding the aperture of the hepatopancreatic ampulla; it regulates the passage of secretions towards the duodenum. hepatopancreatic ampulla ampolla F de Vater Canal because of the juncture of the pancreatic duct and the bile duct, discharging into the duodenum. ninety seven liver hígado M huge gland enjoying a massive position in digestion and metabolism; it secretes bile and breaks up convinced pollutants inside the blood. DIGESTIVE method liver: anterior view hígado M: vista F anterior falciform ligament ligamento M falciforme Membrane isolating the ideal and left lobes of the liver. left lobe of liver lóbulo M izquierdo del hígado M a part of the liver positioned to the left of the falciform ligament. correct lobe of liver lóbulo M derecho del hígado M major a part of the liver, positioned to the correct of the falciform ligament. cystic duct conducto M cístico Canal connecting the biliary vesicle to the bile duct, within which bile circulates. gallbladder vesícula F biliar Small organ situated underneath the liver, helping shop and excrete bile. stomach aorta aorta F belly Fourth and final section of the aorta, passing down into the stomach hollow space and giving upward thrust to numerous arteries top particularly towards the kidneys, pancreas and colon. universal hepatic duct conducto M hepático común Canal wherein the liver excretes bile, connecting with the cystic duct to shape the bile duct. A Voluminous Organ The liver, which reaches a standard weight of approximately 1. five kg, is the biggest inner organ within the human physique. it's also the organ that plays the biggest variety of chemical adjustments.

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